Race Information

Looking for the 5k-ish Run information? Click here.

Each Thursday includes one 5k-ish run and two cyclocross races. Registration opens at 5:00p. The 5k-ish is 2x laps starting at 5:45pm. The first bike race is 4x laps and starts at 6:30pm. We take a break between each race to check your lights or figure out why you came here in the first place. The second race is three laps in the opposite direction. We keep score, but as long as you’re starting the race, you’re winning!

We are sanctioned by USA Cycling as a “Fun Ride” and we thank our governing body for its cheap insurance.  

We race after dark, so bring your lights. 

Race rules:

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Abide by all USAC cyclocross rules.
  3. Promoter’s ruling is final.
  4. Call out your number every time you cross the finish line.
  5. We will make every reasonable attempt to provide accurate results.
  6. All results are final. 
  7. Mountain bikes are allowed without bar ends.
  8. Fat bikes are allowed, but only with tires wider than 3.8 inches. Narrower than that and it’s just a mountain bike.
  9. Tubulars are discouraged. I mean, if you like burning money just buy us a beer.
  10. You may cut the course to access the pit.
  11. There is no pit.
  12. Please inform finish line judges if you withdraw from the race. 
  13. Awards will be awarded based on style and merit and solely at promoter’s discretion. We rarely have awards.
  14. Don’t break the tape. If you break it, you fix it.
  15. Patronize our sponsors.
  16. If you get hurt, it’s your own fault. 
  17. Sign a damn waiver 
  18. You must check in with registration staff to be counted in the results.
  19. Rule 2 is crap, hand-ups are not a crime.
  20. Seriously, don’t be a dick.

Entry Fees

CASH entry fee is $15 per week and includes both races for adults. Thanks to Blink Optical Boutique, Juniors race for $10 per week.

Discounted season-long registration is available until the first week of the season. It’s the cash price of 9.5 races, even though you’re paying by credit card for 12 race entries. You also get a free number. Get on it!

A $5 number fee is assessed at your first race of the season. If you lose your number, you will be heckled and you will have to buy another number for $5. No, there is not a discount for you being forgetful and making us update the spreadsheet with your information. Thanks for asking.


You do not need an annual license to participate in our weekly series. You do have to sign a waiver, though.


Park in the lot at the intersection of Kline’s Lane and East Minor Street in Emmaus, then ride along the road into the recycling center. Driving directions can be found by clicking here.

Please check in every week with event staff in the registration trailer. The event is rain or shine. In fact, it’s double points on rainy nights!

Course Map

This map is approximate. We may change the course at our discretion or because you asked too many questions and you’re being annoying.

History of Fifth Street Cross

Established in 2005, Fifth Street Cyclocross originally lived at the home and estates of Bill and Beth Strickland, on Fifth Street, in Emmaus. These days, the event is on its third promoter and has moved to the Emmaus Recycling Center. Each Thursday in the Fall we host two races — both are open to all category racers. Sometimes it’s warm, sometimes it snows — no matter the conditions, our course, which includes grassy fields, lots of turns, steps, barriers, and pavement — is the perfect venue to perfect your technique in a competitive training environment.