2022 FSXC 5k-ish Week 12 Results

PlacingBIBNameLap 1Lap 2Total TimePoints
136BRADLEY BOGDAN11:4111:4523:2630
222KEVIN ANDERSON0:11:5911:4823:4724
326SEAN DOBSON12:0012:0924:0920
4159CRAIG BENTON12:4012:4225:2218
5124ROBERT PATTEN13:4513:0626:5116
6171JERRY STEWARD13:4413:1126:5514
7203SIMON ROEDDER13:5013:5827:4812
8167EMILY ROLAND14:2314:1328:3610
935DANIEL FEENEY14:2914:1228:418
10164RANDY LATZA12:2816:1728:456
11101TAYLOR ROJEK14:5014:5329:434
1257JESSICA HARRINGTON15:3515:1630:512
13183MICHELLE BENTON15:4615:4531:31
1440JENNA LLOYD15:5715:4631:43
15148FIONA BENNETT15:5216:0932:01
1628LINN LLOYD16:0316:2232:25
17117MIRIAM SALAS16:0316:330:32:36
18165KELLY ANDERSON18:2217:1435:36
19118SIEW SHIRAISHI18:2017:5036:10
20240MIKE BECKER18:2117:5136:12
21129HILARY HEFFNER19:1017:1536:25
2251KATHERINE KRESSLER20:4319:3140:14

Course Direction: Clockwise (5.4k)

Randy Latza takes the 2022 FSXC Championship! With a cunning run in slick conditions, he ran his way to 10th place overall, getting enough points to hold 5th overall.

RACHEL CONNOLLY secures the 2022 FSXC Women’s Championship! With Emily Roland scoring significant points in the final, she leaps to second overall, bumping Connolly down to 5th.

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